Jenkins X is known as an open source project that offers a range of automated CI / CDs for cloud native applications on  Kubernetes. Jenkins X brings incredible benefits to its developers by providing the fastest access to software release versions while being easy to install. It also helps you  increase the sustainability of your business over time. It excellently supports a wide range of the main cloud platforms in which we have Amazon, Google, IBM Cloud and Azure. It simply provides  users with a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right tools and makes all system processing simple and easy  to learn.

Unlike the Jenkins system, the  Jenkins X setup is completely idiosyncratic and works best with  many of the best technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. Somehow, at some point, Jenkins is completely related to Jenkins X, in case  they are used with various plugins and integrations. Nonetheless, Jenkins X will give you a great opportunity  to use many open source tools on your system. Jenkins does not grant this access. Jenkins X will define the whole process, while Jenkins adapts to the overall process that is urgently wanted or  needed. Jenkins X will take an approach based on the initial CLI / API approach. Other than that, Jenkins has the UI first approach in the middle of configuring via UI.

Here are some of the benefits of Jenkins X: 

  • One of the main advantages of Jenkins X was that it was easy to configure. It offers a feature pack that is specifically designed for different projects. It also automates  installation setup and updates all external tools. 
  • Has a higher speed range that enables unhindered  development without  slowing down logistics. Most tasks can be sped up using powerful commands. It offers a completely seamless integration via SCM or the cloud. 
  • Has a faster recovery that allows developers to get the proper context along with identifiable information to somehow recover from failures faster. 
  • Jenkins X is also useful for creating test environments or developing with the create devoid command. This gives developers their own set of sandboxes within the Jenkins X cluster. 
  • Excellently supports a wide range of major cloud platforms including Amazon, Google, IBM Cloud, and Azure.

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