Prior to the pandemic, firms had just 20 percent of their workloads in the cloud on average. There’s a hurry now. But, when time is a factor, how can you go to the cloud safely and confidently? In this article, we’ll break down an AWS migration into its component pieces and look at a few Accenture and AWS accelerators that can help you reach advantages quicker. These crucial tools are also discussed in the following movie.

The first step in a cloud migration project is to analyze your company’s existing cloud readiness. This type of assessment reveals how far along your company is on its cloud journey, highlights your present cloud-readiness strengths and weaknesses, and aids in the development of a strategy to fix any gaps. Accenture myNav®, which assesses, designs, and simulates cloud solutions to decide which would best meet your company objectives, is a crucial tool that assists our clients throughout the evaluation process. myNav assesses several aspects of your current environment, such as infrastructure, operating model, and business outcomes, to propose a solution that is most suited to your needs. MyNav’s insights are valuable additions to the business case, as is AWS Migration Evaluator, a migration evaluation service that aids in the creation of a directed business case for AWS cloud planning and migration. Migration Evaluator offers a clear baseline of what your business is doing now and forecasts AWS costs based on measured on-premises provisioning and consumption to project future-state cloud expenses. The software models calculate patterns for all instances, displaying the estimated costs to re-host on AWS as well as the cost split by infrastructure and software licensing. According to Accenture research, the most often stated obstacle to realizing full cloud value is security and compliance risk, with 65 percent of survey respondents ranking it among their top three worries. With this in mind, security personnel must be included in the relocation process from the start. The Secure Cloud Foundation (SCF), which uses Accenture’s industry experience in creating business cloud environments on AWS using well-architected techniques, is a key Accenture accelerator in this field.

90% of cloud fundamental resources are defined in templates by SCF. It completely integrates with customer operations procedures and speeds up infrastructure-as-code delivery by 40%. Organizational rules, multi-account/multi-region AWS-native security, multi-region central networking, automated security guardrails, and more are all integrated at many tiers in the AWS Cloud Foundation. When it comes to cloud migration and operations, as AWS’ Andy Jassy put it, “there is no compression method for experience.” Accenture AWS Business Group’s 15+ years of collaborating with AWS as a migration partner provides us with a solid foundation to assist our customers migrate more workloads, solve more new issues in the cloud, and develop more unique industry solutions than any other cloud systems integrator. Every customer engagement benefits from our unrivaled expertise of what it takes to successfully migrate to AWS. Following an AWS migration, we provide continuous optimization and refining of our customers’ public cloud estate to ensure that they are getting the most out of their investment.

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