Most businesses move to multi cloud—approximately 92 percent. The recent Flexera State report in the cloud indicates that 92% of companies have a multi cloud strategy and 80% a hybrid cloud approach. Ancient news. The news is that most companies operate with multi cloud devops or devsecops and face rather significant barriers— notably the complexity and consideration of target platforms and deployment and cloud topics. The most common issues are misconfiguration, under- or over-supply, not using the correct native services, and even security and operational difficulties to overcome when deployed. In the end, there are just too many moving pieces to be taken into account by developers and operators. So how can you handle such devops and multi cloud problems with additional complexities?

Let us start with IaC lifting (infrastructure as code). This implies that we go from monolithic to more sophisticated techniques, such as micro services, and usually use VMs for cloud-based patterns. IaC is designed to link the settings of the platform with the applications and the data associated with them. Within a certain platform, like computers and storage, we define what we require while implementing this platform. This places target platform configuration in the hands of developers, not the people who set the cloud and non-cloud resources to function properly. This means Developers can better specify the configuration of the systems as an IaC so that systems are more efficient than the least common denominator method, attempting to utilize a configuration that will always be understood for several applications.

Second, use common services. Common services. One of the problems with an agile process and a deployment technology layer is that developers may complicate things rather rapidly. Developers have greater alternatives when using multi cloud, including services from three or more providers in the public cloud. In all of them, the numerous items which are needed over time are increased, along with the necessary skills and tools if they employ various security systems, management systems, databases, etc. This makes it more difficult and rapidly causes you difficulties.

Provide developers direction on picking common services such as devop engineers. If we have adopted IaC as a technology and methodology, then we may establish common services as a starting point in templates. The implementation of common security, operations, governance, etc. decreases the total complexity of the systems implemented. Secondly, provide options for exceptional situations for a given template. In some cases, developers want something that is neither conventional nor universal to the company, and there must be exceptions. Devops and Multicloud will have to operate together, and we will learn a few difficult lessons. Reach out for any questions you have about cloud, mobile app development, and growing your business.

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