Teams that scale, provision and configure cloud resources manually risk committing errors that might affect the performance or availability of their systems. Fortunately, there’s a way out: It’s called automation.

Cloud automation solutions reduce or eliminate all the manual effort your team invests into configuring virtual machines, creating VM clusters, setting up virtual networks and more. You can only imagine the time savings companies can achieve with automation. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here are seven ways cloud automation can help your IT team today:

  1. No More Errors

By automating your cloud setup, you get to remove all the repetitive and manual work involved in deploying and managing cloud workloads. Let’s get real: Manual work is inefficient and error-prone. It often leads to troubleshooting that might affect your workload’s availability.

  1. Lower Infra Costs

By minimizing the amount of human labor involved in administering cloud-based operations, you’ll speed up your processes. Fewer mistakes means less time spent on diagnosing and troubleshooting, and more time on developing new things and innovating.

  1. Robust106 Security

Manual cloud deployment might cause security vulnerabilities, which could put your application and company at risk. Also, it’s a good idea to automate sensitive jobs. You won’t need as many team members logging into mission-critical systems, so the danger of human mistakes and account breaches is greatly reduced.

  1. A Road to Modern DevOps

If you want to streamline your deployment process and implement a truly modern DevOps, you need automation. Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), tight feedback loops and continuous delivery — they all rely on automation.

  1. All the Cloud Benefits

Cloud automation tools allow using cloud infrastructure to the fullest, in areas like automated storage and backups, security and compliance management, changes in configurations and settings, and code deployment.

  1. Smarter Backups

Automation plays an essential role in protecting your systems from risk, be it equipment failure or a cyber attack. To boost your resilience, you can automate backups on the cloud or back up your on-premises infrastructure automatically to an environment based in the cloud.

  1. Enhanced Governance

Teams that spin up systems manually or on an ad-hoc basis make an admin’s life difficult — they have low visibility of what’s running. Automation introduces standardization to the process, giving admins a centralized view and more control over the infrastructure.

Teams can save a lot of time and effort by implementing cloud automation. It’s more scalable, secure and quicker, allowing you to create more predictable and dependable workflows.

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